2010-03-16 04:19:37 by Drkchaos

And so the clock ticks on, and the days of finals draws ever so close.

And yet I'm lurking around on teh interwebz.

And drawing.

Goddamnit. I need to get my priorities straight.

Hm. It feels so weird to be working on two drawings at one time. Maybe I'm not supposed to do that. But yeah.

I said I'll take a break from the recent vulpine drawings I've been uploading, but just got notified that there was a group contest on DA for St. Patrick's day.

And it's themed on foxes+St. Patrick's.

AWESOME BUTTON GO! So, ladies and gents, be ready for another fox piece soon! Oh, and a human piece too! >.>



2010-01-14 21:39:11 by Drkchaos

Finally done with the art I've been working on...

It's been.. a week? Just working on it on and off while juggling retarded schoolwork is quite the task.

Still, it was a fun ride. Maybe I'll do it again... >.>;

Wow... The system works!

2010-01-08 02:52:05 by Drkchaos

The system works! >.>

I actually got scouted, lol

Thank You, SirCannabisClock! Don't worry about me getting you unscouted... I'll be pretty active with my art XD

Currently working on a pretty time consuming piece, as I'm trying to make it one of my "better" works... Expect it to be uploaded maybe by the end of this week...

I'm having buttloads of fun with the tablet. WHEEEEE!

Goddamn, I really should be finishing up my physics homework though... Meh, Oh well!


2010-01-04 02:38:50 by Drkchaos

Finally got a Wacom Tablet...

Actually it's not even new. It was my sister's, but she never really used it, so she just gave it to me over winter break XD

So now, ladies and gents who even care, prepare for some horrid drawings as I try to get used to this thing :o

I'm actually quite excited though, as it seems pretty easy to use... Kinda.

On a depressing note, I came back to college and found that my housemate's buddies who stayed over during break has completely decimated my water supply (32 fucking bottles all gone! SERIOUSLY?!). I do believe that calls for a rage time.


So I got bored...

2009-12-07 04:21:25 by Drkchaos

My my my... after so many years of lurking around newgrounds and watching hilarious flash submissions, I finally decide to create an account.

I'm a slow one, eh?

But indeed, to be honest, I have no clue at what the hell I'm doing. Boredom makes a person do random things, I guess. So I'm just testing this "news" thing out, along with clicking around. To be honest, looking through all the art that this site has to offer, I'm quite impressed at many people's creativity and skills.

Sooooo... I decided to give it a try and shove in some of my art too. Doubt it'll ever grab any attention, but hey, I get self satisfaction in uploading things onto the interwebs I guess >.>;